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Klangwerk - Swiss Made: Elegante Aktiv-/ und Passivlautsprecher für höchste Ansprüche. Optimale Integration in unterschiedliche Räume. Speziallösungen. photo
QUAD "for the closest approach to the original sound"

Since more than 70years the legendary QUAD Products are famous for their sound quality, above all the Electrostatic Loudspeakers (ESL). Until today many music lovers feel that the sound is really the closest to a live performance.

Thanks to QUAD-Musikwiedergabe in Gering (Germany) all ever from Quad produced Electrostatics can be refurbished to the original specs: ESL 57, ESL 63, the LE1 from BRAUN, the newer ESL 988/989, 2805/2905. After the refurbishing, the ESL are technically like new products. Thanks to a huge stock all ESL are available but Quad-Musikwiedergabe developed also completely new ESL (ESL63qa, ESL57qa), and matching Dipol-Subwoofers. Refurbishing and repair is also possible for all Quad-Electronics.

We are since 10 years the partner for QUAD Musikwiedergabe for Switzerland, and we accept all QUAD products for repair and refurbishing. To give you an idea about the magic sound of the ESL, we have the models ESL57, ESL63 and ESL63qa (with Sub) in our showroom. Furthermore we are open for special AV-projects with QUAD Electrostatics and can showyou some references.
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