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Klangwerk - Swiss Made: Elegante Aktiv-/ und Passivlautsprecher für höchste Ansprüche. Optimale Integration in unterschiedliche Räume. Speziallösungen. photo

Klangwerk-Loudspeakers are elegant, precious and unique. They please to the ears but also to the eyes and the durability is high, as you expect it from a Swiss product. The speakers are produced in collaboration with several experienced Swiss manufacturers. Our partner for the electroacoustics, RELEC SACORISTAL AG and our MDF-Cabinets are constructed by SCHELLENBAUM & CO.

The Klangwerk GmbH was founded in 1997. Aside the production of speakers we also offer complet solutions for audio-video rooms, from the architecture to the choice of components and installation.

The proprietors:

Markus Thomann    Thomas Junker      
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