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Klangwerk - Swiss Made: Elegante Aktiv-/ und Passivlautsprecher für höchste Ansprüche. Optimale Integration in unterschiedliche Räume. Speziallösungen. photo
Active- and Passive- Loudspeakers

Our "Soundworks" will seduce you. They transform your room into a concert hall and they do it with grace. The elegant forms follow acoustic rules. The speakers can be placed in various ways, to be in harmony with your roomacoustic and your interior design.

Nearly all our speakers are active: the power amplifier is integrated in the loudspeaker and has been developped for it. This uncompromising technology, combined with sophisticated cabinet constructions, offer you a surprisingly natural reproduction of music: the best invitation to discover the music.

Papers on loudspeaker-technology (in German, pdf)
Aktivtechnik / Gehäuse / Chassis / Aufstellungen

Product Range:

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