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Klangwerk - Swiss Made: Elegante Aktiv-/ und Passivlautsprecher für höchste Ansprüche. Optimale Integration in unterschiedliche Räume. Speziallösungen. photo
PHIL - Passive Floorstand Loudspeaker

Our version of the classical audioPHILe 2-way loudspeaker: a smart concept with acoustic raffinesse and best materials. The compact arrangement of both drivers, the low crossover frequency, the controlled directivity - the combination of these qualities lead to an exceptionally precise soundstage and an open, detailed and vivid sound. The bass is suprisingly heavy, because PHIL is optimized for positions near a wall and benefits from this acoustic potential. It can even be used as an onwall loudspeaker because of the flat cabinet, the possibility to hang it up and the removable base plate. But the most impressive effect is how little the sound changes when you move around - a close approach to live sounds. For the noble home-theatre PHIL can be combined with MURO and if the lowest frequencies should be as dramatic as the lowest whisper, then a high-quality Subwoofer is easy to integrate.
The Creanit face plate can be ordered in different colours and who likes it lacquered has no coloured frontiers.

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