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ENDO - Active Louspeaker with Manger-Transducer

ENDO is the perfect completion for ONDA to build up a multichannel audio- or homecinema-system. With its lower height and the angled baffle it is optimized as Center- speaker. It can easily be combined with a projection screen or a flat plasma- or LCD- panel. But ENDO can also be used as a Left and Right speaker and replace ONDA. The only difference to ONDA are the 4 woofers instead of 2 to reproduce the high impulses in soundtracks with even lower distortions. An additional subwoofer is not necessary. For the rear channels only ENDO TOP is used, which is the upper module of ENDO. The MANGER-Transducer is working in this also active speaker as a full range transducer without woofers.

A multichannel system with ONDA and ENDO sets standards in the reproduction of multichannel-audio. The identical, time coherently working point sources allow a spatial reproduction which is unique.

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